Mahā-bhārata: Special Pre-Sale Offer


Quest for Justice

Select Tales with Modern Illuminations from the Mahā-bhārata

The Mahā-bhārata has endured for thousands of years as one of Indian civilization’s most important works. Known among scholars as the longest epic poem in the world, it recounts the history of the Pandava princes and their quest to return justice to their land, resulting in an 18-day war that marked a transition into a new age for humanity.

There’s also a deeply spiritual message in the Mahā-bhārata that transcends its compelling story. This message culminates in the highly esteemed Bhagavad-Gītā, the very heart of the great epic and one of the most widely read spiritual texts on the planet.
In this book, adapted from a series of his lectures, H.D. Goswami retells some of the most significant narratives in this work and offers a compelling commentary that brings the ancient tale into modern context. His engaging and approachable style reveals the excitement, intrigue, humor, and spiritual depth of this timeless classic.

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